Mall of America

Fear Level 4; Population 275

This massive four story mall in St. Paul, Minnesota, had over 500 stores with over four million square feet of retail shopping madness, including an amusement park and one of the largest shark aquariums in North America.

It survived the Last War relatively intact, and local mobster Anthony “Fat
Tony” Mulachi made sure it wasn’t looted. He and his boys moved in to the mall just
a few hours after the Apocalypse, shot the few looters who were already inside, and
claimed it as their own.

These days, Tony and his feared gang of 50 goodfellas run the Mall of America like a pre-war paradise. The mall has defensive
installations on the roof as well as Junker designed automated sentry guns hidden
in the rusting hulks of cars that fill the enormous parking areas outside.

Paying the $20 entrance fee transports a brainer back to a happier time. The area inside the mall is lit with fluorescent lights, plants line the halls, is climate controlled, and there’s even Muzak playing in the background!

Currently there are 40 storefronts open, organized by category. You’ll find guns in
one area, electronic parts in another, and so on. Tony gets new items from anyone who
brings them in, as well as the many trade caravans that go back and forth from here
to Junkyard (after taking a long northerly route around Denver). Spook juice, ammo,
and bullets of all calibers run 150% over list price, while anything else is marked up
25% more than normal. There’s no haggling in MoA, and everything is clearly marked
with one set price. There are even five different restaurants inside, three Italian, a steakhouse, and a seafood place, as well as a hotel with electricity and running water (rooms run $75/night). The Sensoround Megaplex theater has been renovated and provides virtual reality experiences for a
mere $25 per show.

The largest indoor amusement park (before the Apocalypse) as well as an
aquarium provide entertainment for the denizens of the mall.

Mall of America

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