Las Vegas

Smack dab in the middle of the desert sits a tarnished jewel that once drew millions to it like moths to a flame. These days it still does, but these moths usually have too many eyes or wings made out of excess skin. You see, Las Vegas is the heart of the mutant kingdom ruled by Silas Rasmussen, the leader of the Cult of Doom.

Way back in the late 1800s, Las Vegas declared itself a free city-state, playing the major powers of the USA and CSA against each other to maintain it’s independence. Before the Last War, the Independent City of Las Vegas occupied an area bounded in the east by the Colorado River, the south southwest by the old California border, northwest by International Highway 15, and from the city to Boulder Dam along Route 95. Within the boundaries of Las Vegas could be found Boulder City, Searchlight, and Laughlin, as well as hundreds of square miles of parched desert. International Highway 15 West divided
NorCal and SoCal, with the Mason-Dixon Wall paralleling it to the north and south.

Since its founding, the city served as a place where anything went, from sex to drugs to legal gambling, all under the watchful eye of the organized crime families who ran Vegas from the shadows.

The good times came to an end on Judgment Day when an enhanced ghost rock bomb detonated under the eastern suburbs of the city, throwing up a 20 mile diameter maelstrom and killing or mutating almost everyone in the city. In the following years the inhabitants vied for power until the appearance of Silas Rasmussen, who united the muties under his twisted ideology of the Cult of Doom, based at [[Heaven’s Gate]], the crater of the bomb that created what many now call “Lost Vegas.”

Las Vegas is generally divided into the Strip and Downtown. Outside the Strip and the Downtown areas, most of the surrounding ruins have been heavily picked over by Silas’ minions, with their contents brought back into the maelstrom for the cult’s use.
An aqueduct runs from Lake Mead to the Strip, bringing a reliable source of water to the thirsty mutants of Vegas. Thanks to Boulder Dam, Vegas even has a reliable source of electricity, and at night the bright lights of the city can be seen for miles around.

Las Vegas

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