Originally settled by the Mormons to escape religious persecution, Utah was part of the United States until the Civil War came along and made it one of the “Disputed Lands.” Then Mormon leader Brigham Young declared Utah would become the sovereign state of Deseret until such time as the war was decided.

Two hundred years later, Deseret remained its own country right up until the bombs fell. Its most famous resident (despite an absence around the turn of the 19th Century), was none other than Dr. Darius Hellstromme, whose smoke-belching factories gave the city its nickname of “The City o’ Gloom.”

Though Hellstromme was deported by the Mormons in 2044, he left a secret shield in place over his remaining factories. When the bombs fell, the part of Salt Lake City called Junkyard, with its mostly non-Mormon population, survived, while the city proper and about three-quarters of the Mormon population vanished in a skull-shaped mushroom cloud. After Hellstromme‘s hidden energy shields saved Junkyard, famine set into the city. A number of Hellstromme industry employees remained in their buildings, fed by HI’s emergency situation supplies and with HI’s formidable security keeping outsiders at bay. As hunger began to set in, however, hundreds of survivors descended onto the HI complex. After The Battle of Junkyard a former factory foreman, Ike Taylor, took up the reins of power.

Ike came up with a unique plan. Instead of fighting the road gangs, he decided
he’d join them. Taylor and his right-hand man, Doc Schwartz (who is a real junker), converted some of the surviving Hellstromme munitions factories into refineries. Then they hauled ghost rock in from the nearby Wasatch Mountains and distilled it into spook juice.

When the gangs inevitably came around, Ike invited them in and did the unthinkable—
he actually showed them the city’s defenses, including flamethrowers powered by spook
juice, heavy machine guns, and even a few grenade and rocket launchers. Ike then told
them if they could bring Junkyard food and other salvage, they’d give them spook juice for their vehicles. All the gangers eventually agreed, and Junkyard went from a besieged island in the desert to an iron oasis. Anyone, regardless of their morals, can come into Junkyard’s territory to trade.


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