Fear Level 3, Population 400–500 (50–60
permanent residents)

First off, the Boise Maelstrom is slightly less dangerous than most because the Templars have lowered the Fear Level within it.

Boise is the home of the Templars. The heart of the order is the Temple where the Grand Master holds court. Other structures that make up the wasteland knights’ home are the Hall of Heroes, where fallen Templars are laid to rest, the Hospice, where petitioners can stay, and the Barracks.

A solar powered water tower provides clean, safe water to the downtown’s
inhabitants. While the Templars are a grim and dour lot, the streets in between
their buildings are filled with an almost carnival-like atmosphere. There’s a large
“black market” in smuggled goods (like Templar relics) flowing through the town.
Most of these are sold quietly in the scores of booths, carts, and kiosks that fill the town square and surrounding streets.


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